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Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
When Modern Consumption Becomes a Style of Parenting

How Society Impacts our Inner Foundation

Luke Hancock
October 7, 2020

Do you know how society impacts our Inner Foundation? Do you know we are living in the most pivotal time in history of humanity? You can’t afford not to know how society is directly impacting your Inner Foundation. How do you feel today? How do you feel about your current life situation? Sadly, many of us do not know how we got to where we are today surviving and not living a satisfying life. You may feel you are one of them.

When was the last time you felt happy and satisfied with your earnings and spending? Millions of people, if they are lucky enough, are performing jobs that stifle their creativity and suffocate their true potential. The great illusion of our society is that meaning and happiness is derived from consumption and instant gratification. This behavioral programming is very effective if you have a fragile Inner Foundation, by which you easily are influenced to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay. You want it all now!! Believing you will feel better and look good to others. However, you already know that maintaining such lifestyle without going into financial debt is impossible. Have you wondered how it would feel if you could be free from this spell?

There are major challenges in our society right now such as personal debt, media doom and gloom, economic and politic turmoil, all testing our “sanity” and all trying to influence what you think and believe and how you feel. We live in a society, whereby a large focus of time, money and energy is invested in socially engineering people to consume what has been produced, mostly by large corporations. For too long you have been reacting to all these messages in front of you (social media, MSM, trends, gossip, drama, etc.) as opposed to being focused upon what you wish to create in your life. Did you know that if you have a fragile Inner Foundation, you are an easy target for these societal systems to influence you, your thinking, beliefs and behavior?


We have entered into a new paradigm of awareness, the “Aquarian Age”, the age of knowledge. We, the people are more informed thanks in large part to the internet. We have begun to recognize that our individual minds create our collective realities. That everything in the physical plane, first takes form in the mental plane. The internet has helped us to become more aware and informed with regards to how the world operates and who owns it. The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us at full speed, completely transforming our lives and even our bodies. Everything you do now creates a ‘data footprint’ that is not owned by you. There are benefits and consequences. Have you considered how the collection of your private data undermines your right to privacy, freedom of speech and movement?  

We have begun to realize that we need to be more active in co-creating our local communities and local economies, thereby ensuring the money stays in the local economy. As more and more of us now consciously choose to raise our level of awareness, this personal transformation is affecting the global collective. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. However, for this spiritual renaissance to have the authentic power and scale essential to overcome all that is unjust and unethical, self-discovery and personal development is required by each of us to break free from the societal “spell”.

Did you know cultivating a strong Inner Foundation with the right mindset and attitude are crucial for you to move forward? This is a powerful truth that those who own these systems of our society, do not want you to know. It’s time to take your life back! Be aware that there is a balance to be found between living in the now, the present moment and having the foresight to have a vision, to plan, organize and anticipate. Can you sense your “gut feeling” is telling you now is the time to own your power and create your new story? If yes, then you will enjoy reading The Inner Foundation Book.

Luke Hancock Own Your Power

About The Writer

Luke Hancock is the author of the book Own Your Power. Since 2012, Luke is an accredited Transformational Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and since this time has been coaching individuals through their own journeys of personal and professional transformation. Since 2016 he has been delivering professional training and coaching courses to businesses, schools and individuals. Luke is also an environmental sustainability consultant, guiding businesses (employees), schools and communities to reduce their “environmental footprint’ and become more sustainable in their operations.