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Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment

The Benefits of Having a Strong Inner Foundation


Coaching Self Empowerment
Luke & Susana
July 15, 2021

The benefits of having a strong Inner Foundation are truly amazing and are seen and experienced in real time, in all aspects of your life! Today, it is undeniable how having a strong Inner Foundation is vitally important to the forming of a well-adjusted, fully functioning adult man or woman. Genetic factors play a role in shaping personality but it is mainly the environment we grew up in with our parents and care givers that enable or disable the development of a healthy functioning Inner Foundation. Did you know the quality of these experiences impacts the development of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health?

Have you wondered how important the first years of your life were and how these formative experiences with role models at the time, have greatly influenced your perception about yourself, your worldview and even your mindset and attitude today? Do you recognize or appreciate how influential the early years of childhood development are with regards to creating a healthy, strong Inner Foundation for adult life? The first five years of an infancy are particularly important for both the brain development and self-worth. All critical factors in determining whether a strong or fragile Inner Foundation will be developed later in adult life. To observe the thought and behavioral patterns of an adult with a strong Inner Foundation versus an adult with a fragile Inner Foundation, is literally the difference between creating a happy successful life with meaning and purpose and a life of misery, regret and in many cases, some form of addiction.

All life experiences, starting at an early age at home and later at school, university, all impact the development of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Such experiences shape not only the way we perceive ourselves and how feel and experience our self-worth but also how we see the world and our role in it. Whether we have the courage to listen to our intuition, our internal guidance system and act upon it and take charge of our life even if our decisions do not have the approval of friends or family. This internal landscape later determines in adulthood the direction of how we set ourselves consciously or unconsciously to initiate our personal and professional life.   


Did you know having a strong Inner Foundation is directly linked with good levels of self-worth, a positive attitude, and a “can do” mindset? The opposite is true with regards to a having fragile Inner Foundation which is more prone to suffer from illness, poor lifestyle choices and standards and overall unhappiness. Challenging environments such as parental neglect, abuse and harsh discipline/authority negatively impacts our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual structure. Harsh, difficult life experiences early on, often lead an individual to develop a fragile Inner Foundation in adulthood.

The consequences of having a fragile Inner Foundation are closely related to low levels of  self-worth,  low self-esteem and a dislike of the self. These individuals tend to be very insecure about themselves and do not know how to regulate their emotions, impulses and behaviors. They can swing back and forth easily into extreme behaviors such as passive then aggressive, narcissism, bipolar, depression, addiction and other personality and behavioral disorders. Often these individuals do not know how to develop stable harmonious relationships. Instead, they often become entangled in unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships, (with partners or parents) where codependency, abuse and or addiction is a reality of the “Victim / Victimizer” relationships.

Another common symptom of a fragile Inner Foundation is the absence of strong and consistent internal motivation and resilience to overcome challenges and accomplish goals. Individuals with a fragile Inner Foundation lack in self-worth and self-belief and give up more easily. When they don’t accomplish what they want they tend to blame others and the world around them instead of reflecting, taking ownership to improve themselves and adapting their approach or strategy to the situation. Individuals with a fragile Inner Foundation will always struggle to reach their full potential and become good roles models in society.

When you fully accept yourself as you are and believe in yourself, trusting in both your decisions and capacities, you reinforce the qualities linked with developing a strong Inner Foundation. Living from a set of positive beliefs and noble values you feel more empowered and engaged to take responsibility and control of your life. This in turn leads to inner-satisfaction, meaning and success. If you feel like you’ve had enough and feel called to change your life we invite you to participate in module 1 for free of Inner Foundation Program. At the end of module 1 you will receive a free 1-1 counseling coaching call with Luke and Susana.

Key characteristics of people with a strong Inner Foundation are:

Individuals with a strong Inner Foundation and a positive abundant mindset, are more motivated and resilient to face challenges and available to assist others around them. They have an unshakable belief system, about themselves for who they are and are motivated to look after themselves with respect and care. They have empathy and show care toward others. They pursue mature relationships where mutual love, respect and harmony are essential. Adults with high self-esteem worth, they persistently strive towards the fulfillment of personal goals and aspirations. These adults have a strong sense of self-worth, Inner Authority and Personal Power that guide them to overcome challenges and pursue a happy life that makes sense to them. 

If you feel you are insecure and have low levels of self-esteem, you can still transform your life by healing your past. In turn your attitude and mindset change for the better. In fact, it can be a great opportunity for you to review what’s important and what’s not. Healing from traumatic past experiences has a profound impact in our lives by assist us to rebuild a strong Inner Foundation, boosting our self-esteem. As a consequence of this healing journey, we unleash our inner authority to create a life with more meaning and fulfillment.

Enjoy our Inner Foundation PROGRAM!