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Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Why Our Code of Conduct is Important

Why is Our Code of Conduct Important

Susana Hancock Coaching Self Empowerment
October 31, 2022
What a world we are living right now!!
People have asked me if I’m afraid to speak up! No, I’m not afraid.
These two years, have been an amazing experience of setting the tone for what is worthy, meaningful and truthful.
Yes, takes courage but this is the beauty of life. This is the life that I nurture and I’m pleased to share it in my practice and in my private life.
Yes, it takes courage, character and ethical moral conduct to go against the propaganda and lies from the establishment.
At the moment you are afraid to speak up and you are afraid to stand your ground, you don’t own your life and its direction. Their propaganda and anti-life ideologies are the ones owning your life. They tell you what you should do, when/why/how/ where. And if you don’t follow it they punish/ harm you.…. In this type of codependent relationship with the establishment, people don’t develop their own critical thinking, ethical moral conduct and true self.
Did I lose my credibility and my professional practice? No, I haven’t. These two years, have been a great experience of testing my boundaries and an opportunity to strength my code of conduct. Two years of research and practice just nurtured who I am, what I’m doing and why. Framed with the professional and common-sense approach of not harming others but instead assisting people’s journey of rebuilding their Inner Foundation and rescue their true self.
It takes courage, self-belief, inner work, knowledge and wisdom to nourish our code of conduct! But in my view, it’s truly worthy and meaningful because I didn’t come to this world to be distracted with nonsense and bullshit!
These two years, have been a window of opportunities and expansion that gave me a lot of inspiration and inner strength to write a book that represents the last 10 years of our work, healing journeys, travels around the world and professional practice.
Not only that, but the research we have conducted on how childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences negatively impacts adulthood. Meaning, the current health condition of an adult and his/her relationships dynamics, attitude toward present-future, and overall life engagement. A topic that most of health professionals don’t talk about it!
The Inner Foundation Book- How Society Impacts Your Inner Foundation just arrived at the right time! It offers a profound and insightful perspective both of the self, the internal landscape and how the major societal systems in place today, directly impacts your Inner Foundation.
A beautiful and effective way to assist many during this auspicious time on the planet.
Love can only grow within ourselves when we consciously choose to stop to feed the darkness (within and out) and the anti-life systems in place. 
The time to walk into the new paradigm of Human Dignity is here…