Empowering transformations

As more and more now consciously choose to raise their level of consciousness through self-development work, this individual transformation is dramatically affecting the global collective for the better.

Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment

Hello, my name is Christophe, I am from Belgium. Everybody who wants to make his life interesting is busy daily working on that life. Have you ever found out that you thought you found what you actually need as the ‘right’ direction in life, but again, the satisfaction was not big enough? You want more, something different, better.

Well I had that feeling until I got burned out, tired, and at the end I discovered I was not doing what my heart told me to do. But I did find the guts to change! I recommend Luke and Susana’s course to you. It gives you the fundamentals to be have a centered mind and body. To feel strong and to act upon your idea’s and will. I just followed the course and I now have the power to start this total new beginning for me. It is never to late! Take your life in own hands. Thank you Luke and Susana for the very professional approach and very good course material. I found new like minded friends, new life coaches and I am proud of my certification. I feel my roots stronger connected to earth.

Hello, my name is Bianca Villanova, from Brazil. During a two year backpack trip in Asia, I met Luke and Susana and took part in their Self Empowerment Course, in November 2016 in Chiang Mai. It was a dive into myself. Before the course I was a little bit lost. I didn’t know what to do with my life.  I couldn’t plan my future. The course just came at right time when I was in need of support and guidance. The experience was very deep…It was a dive into myself. Starting my auto observation process, I had always a hard time to look deeply into myself. It was a a journey of self discovery…I was very pleased with such  opportunity!

Through the course, I got to know many tools and theories which helped me onto the path of self discovery. I can use these tools again to access my current situation. Still today I look back and quite often remember their teachings and knowledge shared during this course. The experience of both Luke and Susana opened some doors for my own experience in life – both professionally and emotionally. Looking back now, I notice how much that course meant, there and now. I still have Susana and Luke as examples that I follow in life – they are professionals with a great amount of knowledge and highly committed to their path. I do feel inspired by them! Thank you both!!

My name is Raimundo Leong, I am a Maths Professor and I am from Macau. I participated in Luke and Susana Hancock’s Self Empowerment course in October 2017. The course provided me with the tools to own my true self, helping me retrieve the person I was. Before joining this course, I was having a lot of difficulty dealing with recurrent issues at work. It was frustrating and it made it very hard for me to free my mind and soul to understand what my life purpose is. Consequently, the personal relationships were choked by these conditions.

The course provided me tools to own my true self, helping me retrieve the person I was. After repairing the lost connection with my own self, I was able to apply some of the techniques I learn from the course to solve issues at work. The results were immediate! Today, I am much more willing to accept myself in a more compassionate and responsible way. Opportunities and opened doors keep showing up and I know that this happens when my soul is ready to live. My personal relationships also became stronger, deeper and more loving.

I highly recommend Luke & Susana’s Self Empowerment course because their focus on our lives brings us back to ourselves.Their knowledge equips us with the tools we need to take care of ourselves and the world.

Coaching Self Empowerment

My name is André and I am 30 years old, I‘m living in Macau, China for the past 7 years. In the beginning of 2018, I did the Self Empowerment course after my boyfriend encouraged me to enroll. I have been dealing with issues related to stress and being far from my home country. Before the course, I didn’t know what to do or how to tackle my problems. This course let me realize exactly what was the source of my problems and gain confidence and strength to find help to move forward. I also had the opportunity to re-discover my inner child and learn about my higher self. The relationship with my boyfriend improved, since we had opportunity to share our problems, life goals and future path in a more open way.

I have found some comfort in reading books suggested by Luke and Susana related to ways of how to break old habits and understanding the brain. I also attended a session to connect with my higher self, to discover more about me. The topics covered on the course are very broad and deep enough to help individuals to make a shift for a more fulfilling and happy life. Also new concepts and new realizations about the self might be attained, giving space for surprise. Susana and Luke are excellent speakers, with wide experience in presentations, and a lot of love and patience to help each participant individually. At the end you will find your life purpose and have all the tools on how to reach there.

My name is Peggy Cheung and I’m from Hong Kong. I’m a business owner of KaChick photography, a media company based in Hong Kong. I joined the Self Empowerment Course part 1 in Hong Kong, in  April 2018. Before the course, I experienced constant self doubt, I always felt I wasn’t  good enough…I cared so much about how others think of me and I compared myself to others a lot.

Through the well-structured program by Luke and Susanna, I was guided to uncover the deep issue of not loving myself enough. During the course I understood that the first step I needed to do was to take good care of myself, both nutritionally and spiritually. I now eat and work out regularly. I’ve become more aware of my negative self-talk, and focus on what I can do better instead of what others think of me. I’m also more mindful of the language I choose as it will eventually affect my behavior. Luke and Susana genuinely care. They connect with people in a natural way.

Coaching Self Empowerment

My name is Catarina Mesquita. I’m 30 years old, mother of a one year and half lovely boy and founder of children’s book publisher Mandarina. I’m grateful for the amazing family I have and the great power I’ve claimed with the Coaching Self Empowerment Course I took in February 2019. I decided to go to the course because I was having trouble dealing with a lot of chaos and noise in my head. I had so many red flags in my life that I needed a change – especially stopping playing the victim and not claiming my own power. I had delivered all my power to others and lost control of my life. The transformation was brutal!!… in a positive way.

Working with Luke and Susana I received great insights and knowledge to turn my life around. Meeting my inner child and rescuing it was absolutely amazing because I finally understood the origin of all my fears, doubts and insecurities. I remember coming back home during the course and sleeping deeply with a light heart and clear mind. I left the course feeling the power that I needed to start my own project and have better relationships. Dealing with the real world is an enormous challenge. I realized that not everyone is ready to deal with change (in their lives and specially in others). I started my own company after the course strong enough to deal with the good and the bad things that might happen. I’m feeling very grateful for that. I’m still coping with how others are reacting to my change and how they are not reacting with joy but I believe this is part of the process. I do HIGHLY recommend Luke and Susana especially because they fascinate me with their quest. They changed their lives just to help others become better and inspire them. That is absolutely amazing! The way they created this course is so well done that really transforms other people’s perceptions of their own lives. Being honest, truthful and direct as they are makes their work the best! Thank you!

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