We endeavor to make sure all our clients are informed of our services, programs and policies. See below the frequently asked questions and let us know if you have a question that has not been answered.

Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment

Yes. Search in your internet browser for the extensions page. Example https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions or https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/extensions/. Then type/search for Google Translate. Add to your browser (tool bar) and then select Translate Page in the language of your choice.

For a profound transformation in a short period of time on both a personal and professional level we recommend the Inner Foundation Program as the best personal development framework to begin with.

Yes, the programs are self paced. You will have access to the program for 12 months following the date of your payment and you decide what time you invest in the course and when. The Inner Foundation Program has nine modules and nine private counseling/coaching calls with you online. You may take one module a week or month or when ever you choose. You then decide when to have you 1-1 call with us after each module.

You will receive a link via email to create/register your login details. Once completed the registration process (name/email/password), you can log in to the program and begin. Once logged in, you will land on the program welcome page which explains how the program is structured, what to do for technical support etc. Simply press Next, for the next lesson and program begins. The program software is very straightforward and intuitive to use. You will learn about the short quiz after each module and the call preparation part to help you get the most out of your counseling and coaching calls.

To make the best of our  online support during the programs we request that you set your phone to silent, that you don’t have any noise or disturbance during the call. We use Zoom. The zoom link will be sent to you automatically before each call.

No. We do not give you permission to reproduce our intellectual property or program material for your own financial gain. This is not allowed. This program is designed for your own healing and personal development and may not be used to create financial gain for yourself or others. By purchasing our program you agree to accepting this term.

In addition to reading the Frequently Asked Questions, please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions before making your payment.

The After Care Program is a Free Life Time Support service we provide to participants after participating the Inner Foundation Program. Participants receive support on an ongoing monthly basis through the private After Care Program call, to help them further integrate the materials and exercises from the program so they may continue their journeys of self-discovery, personal development and self-actualization.

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