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Own Your Power book


A unique contemporary blend of inspiration and call for action. Own Your Power is a brilliant book to assist your hero’s journey of self discovery.

Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment

Own Your Power book is the journey of leaving the rate race and on into the unknown in the pursuit of finding meaning and purpose. More important than a successful career is the acknowledgment of what is important to us, despite the expectations of the status quo, culture and family. Expectations are the major invisible wall that keep us off track from our purpose. We lose the connection with ourselves and what’s important to us because we are compelled to fulfill the expectations of others and society. Until one day we had enough and realize we must break free from this invisible wall in order to uncover who we truly are, our authentic self and what is important to us.

"In his succinct new book, Own Your Power, Luke Hancock has presented a great way of going inside to find one's "Call to Action" - Something each of us must do."
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Own Your Power book Luke Hancock and Christophe Daem
Coaching Self Empowerment

What our clients have to say...

Own Your Power book is inspired by a true powerful story of Luke’s journey of healing and personal transformation, from ambition to meaning. Luke was an ambitious man and built a very successful career in Europe. Ultimately, his executive position as a global account director in a large corporation came with a high price that led to a breakdown. This marked the beginning of a new chapter. The breakdown was a massive turning point, and with just a ruck sack on his back, Luke left everything behind to travel the world. The long journey of exploring 24 countries, included an internal journey of uncovering his authentic self, his prupose. Who he was as a man and what future he wanted.  Own Your Power shares the struggles, the challenges and the breakthroughs experienced during these 18 months on the road. The wisdom that flourished along the way, gave Luke a new perspective of the world and his role in it. The knowledge gained coupled with the Eastern philosophies learned during retreats, opened his heart to experience life with more autonomy and freedom. Many adventures some more dangerous than others, all contributed to Luke’s radical transformation and his new life direction. Own Your Power book is the book of our times that everyone should read.

Own Your Power


Since 2012, Luke is an accredited Transformational Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and since this time has been coaching individuals through their own journeys of personal and professional transformation. Since 2016 Luke and Susana have been delivering professional training and coaching courses to businesses, schools and individuals. Luke is also an environmental sustainability consultant, guiding businesses (employees), schools and communities to reduce their "environmental footprint' and become more sustainable in their operations.


“Lately I have been able to live more in the heart space and I have to tell, with some of the teaching in the book, this have literally exploded. I never realized manifestation, following your heart could be so joyous and easy!”

Patrick Mc Millian, USA

“I was in my comfort zone and felt I was missing something in my life. After 2-3 chapters I felt it, I felt it! I knew something was changing in me. I could see my life from another perspective…”

Margarida Crespo, Portugal

“For whoever is looking for an answer, or looking for a way out from their daily life, for those who know there is something more to their life, that they can give or do, they should definitely read the book to find their own way”

Paolo Vettore, Italy.