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Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment

What is Mental Health

Luke Hancock
Written by Luke Hancock
November 7, 2016

Your mental health directly impacts the quality of your life due to how you think, behave and choose to act upon your intentions. How you respond to the outside world is a mirror of your internal mindset. Your mindset and attitude are crucial for you to create and navigate a successful happy life.

A positive mindset allows you to make the most of your intellectual and cognitive faculties, such as mindfulness, analytical skills and systems thinking. Focusing upon prioritizing the important decisions and actions.

The reality is, for many people it’s unclear what’s important to them or urgent for them, often because they don’t know themselves! Many people do not have their internal house in order, and as a consequence, they have no clue where they are going, why they are going in that direction and how they actually want to get there.

There is a balance to be found between living in the now, the present moment and having the foresight to have a vision for your life, to plan and organize what you want and anticipate future challenges.

You may be familiar with thought behavioral patterns such as, “I don’t believe in myself”, I don’t “know what I want”, ‘I don’t deserve better”, “others are better than me”, “ even if I try it won’t work”, “I always make mistakes”, “I’m afraid to fail”, ‘ I fear to be judged”, “I’m afraid what others say or think about me”, “I don’t trust my intuition”, “My life will never change”, “I’m doomed to have this life”, “If I change I will upset people”, “I’m afraid to change”,  “I will never succeed”.

Whatever you choose to believe and act upon either moves you away from or towards your desired future – if you have a vision and desired future. If not, then life is taking you with it, in any and all directions without you necessarily being the master of where/why/how you want to go.

Did you know that without a positive mindset supported by a healthy daily routine of habits, the chances of missing life opportunities increase dramatically?

You may wonder how to attain good mental health supported by positive empowering beliefs and habits that help to change the direction of your life?

The truth is, many people are less familiar with how to change their mindset and behavior. To change often unconscious beliefs and habits you must first become aware of them. For many this is not so straightforward. Often you require a professional counselor or coach to assist you to uncover these unconscious beliefs and habits.

Nevertheless, working towards becoming present and mindful of the predominate thoughts you feed and the predominant habits you act upon, is a good starting point in gaining this self-awareness.

Are you aware of a predominant thought and or belief that has some power of you? Have you ever reflected about the source of your beliefs?

This awareness can be attained through reflecting on the past major decisions. By reflecting upon those past decisions, you can learn to detect your major insecurities or fears around such past decisions. With this new awareness, you can keep it in mind when making big decisions today, and check in with yourself- Am I making this decision based on fear or love? Is this the right decision for me now or for someone else?

Luke Hancock Own Your Power

About The Writer

Luke Hancock is the author of the book Own Your Power. Since 2012, Luke is an accredited Transformational Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and since this time has been coaching individuals through their own journeys of personal and professional transformation. Since 2016 he has been delivering professional training and coaching courses to businesses, schools and individuals. Luke is also an environmental sustainability consultant, guiding businesses (employees), schools and communities to reduce their “environmental footprint’ and become more sustainable in their operations.

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