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Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
Exploring Health, Transformation, and Ethical Reflections in the Paradigm of Human Dignity

Health, Transformation and Ethical Reflections.

Susana Hancock Coaching Self Empowerment
Written By Susana Hancock
December 8, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of our rapidly evolving world, a global awakening is unfolding, challenging established cultural, spiritual, and societal norms – our status quo. As a dedicated healthcare professional and consultant, I am witnessing a profound transformation within individuals, businesses, and society at large.

This profound transformation marks a departure from an outdated paradigm towards what I’ve previously highlighted as the Paradigm of Human Dignity in recent articles. I believe this evolving paradigm of Human Dignity serves as a catalyst for a collective awakening, prompting us to elevate our awareness, foster critical thinking, and commit to continuous learning, thereby cultivating more holistic perspectives on health, consciousness, and collective well-being.

A pivotal catalyst within this awakening is the global response to COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. The introduction of mRNA gene therapy injections marked not only a critical moment in public health but also presented a spiritual test for humanity. Right from the beginning, skepticism surrounding the COVID-19 gene therapy injections due to a lack of data around their safety and efficacy of this technology and the potential short-term and long-term adverse side effects. This hesitancy goes beyond rejecting a new, untested medical procedure, it calls us to contemplate the potential consequences of introducing advanced technology into our bodies without prior informed consent. This moment in modern history caused a profound spiritual awakening, a call to scrutinize the ethical dimensions within our personal and professional conduct and the environment around us.

We were all faced with a choice: either follow orders or question the implications of a rapidly developed technological intervention in human health. It’s only natural to question the implications of a new rapidly developing technology and its underlying purpose. And why are we not looking at existing alternative solutions?

At the core of this awakening is the comprehension of the implications of integrating technology, in this case mRNA, into our very DNA. These critical questions, in my opinion, prompt urgent reflection, urging us to consider the impact on our overall well-being and contemplate the moral and ethical dimensions of merging technology within our biological essence. What are the effects upon our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health – our Inner Foundation? 

In my view, it is crucial to question the purpose and consequences of integrating technology with our bodies, considering the advancements in the merging fields of science, biology, and nano-technology. Additionally, we must examine how healthcare professionals address these concerns in their practices. The doctors medical principle of ‘do no harm’, known as the Hippocratic Oath, should guide these discussions, to assist professionals, families, and communities in achieving a balance between public health imperatives and individual autonomy and holistic health.

Considering the intersection of health, technology, and spirituality, I believe an open and sincere dialogue is urgent to analyze the impact upon mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Healthcare professionals, community leaders, parents, residents and policymakers must come together to openly discuss these matters, where members concerns can be addressed, knowledge shared, and collaborative solutions sought. Are communities actively engaging in conversations about the ethical considerations of medical interventions and potential harm, or is there a prevailing silence on these crucial topics? 

In response to these challenges, practical solutions are required to counteract the harm that has already occurred. Much still needs to be done to encourage transparency in communication and advocation for informed decision-making, 

What would a call to action look like for individuals, healthcare professionals, and policymakers alike to unite in collaborating in a future where health is approached holistically nurturing a collective commitment to ethical and holistic health practices?

In my opinion, the emerging Paradigm of Human Dignity acts as a positive transformative force, calling us to consider our perspectives on health, consciousness, and the integration of technology into our bodies. This awakening offers a collective opportunity for humanity to evolve towards a future that prioritizes the lessons learned from the past, values transparency and honesty and upholds ethical considerations in the pursuit of well-being for both individuals and society at large. The consciousness of individuals and communities has grown significantly because of recent global pandemic, and it is the time and our duty to the children to discuss openly what happened and how we can decide on the medical interventions in future.

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About The Writer

Susana Hancock is the author of the book The Inner Foundation- How Society impacts our Inner foundation. She has a global professional experience of over twenty years, working in Europe and Asia in areas of leadership, staff training and personal development. Since 2016 Susana has been delivering professional training and coaching programs to individuals, schools, business and governmental organizations.

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