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Coaching Self Empowerment
Coaching Self Empowerment
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Entering The New Paradigm

Susana Hancock Coaching Self Empowerment
Written By Susana Hancock
September 25, 2022

The collective madness that humanity is currently experiencing is becoming increasingly louder, more intense, and insane, especially for those who are not prepared for the planetary upgrade of higher frequencies and the major changes that are coming in society. This inner transformation is the transition into a new paradigm that challenges our worldview, belief systems, the dynamics of our relationships, and our daily lives.

This new paradigm is the “New Vibrational Frequency Station” for many of us who are consciously choosing to evolve with Earth. I call it the new paradigm of Human Dignity. It stands for an evolved conscience and consciousness that enhances our integrity, autonomy, freedom, and sovereignty.

Everyone who is currently committed to their internal work, developing their integrity, their skills, and holding a positive outlook about their future will belong to the new paradigm of Human Dignity.

The new vibrations and frequencies are pushing everyone to sync their heart and mind to transmute their own “emotional baggage” so they can upgrade their human energetic field.

If you have been avoiding addressing family unit issues, intergenerational trauma, and/or are in a co-dependent relationship, be ready to experience enormous mental pressure and possibly an emotional breakdown to the point where you feel you are losing your mind. You are not alone in this journey. Many people are going through this same intense experience.

Bear in mind that some of you are resisting addressing this internal turmoil, and such resistance is now creating more inner instability, unhealthy behaviors, and toxic relationships, anchoring people’s frequency into this old broken paradigm that is falling apart right now. I call it the old paradigm of idiocracy.

The paradigm of idiocracy is the extreme foolishness or stupidity of those in positions of power who put profits and selfish interests first, impoverishing the world, both in the East and West, and destroying the natural resources of the planet.

The paradigm of idiocracy is also the human hypnotic state living under a top-down control system of tyranny by normalized abuse presented in society, such as the current patriarchal and societal caste systems, overt inequality, and poverty. Pretending that none of this is happening is total insanity, not to say idiocracy!

Finally, many of us have had enough of this idiocracy and are done with it. We are now choosing to set ourselves free from the paradigm of idiocracy.

Humanity has been challenged and turned upside down in such a dramatic way as never before. Every man and woman’s inner strength and integrity are now being tested and will determine their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and how they will craft their future.

Moving forward, it’s up to us to decide where to anchor our vibration and frequency. It’s our responsibility to choose our future, how we want to live, the depth of our relationships, and how we want to educate our children. Will we choose a future based on idiocracy or a future based on human dignity?

Two different paradigms, one dying and the other birthing right now. These two paradigms have opposite outcomes determined by our informed consent and behavior in our day-to-day life.

In my view, the paradigm of human dignity is not supposed to be glamorous, and it’s not about arriving at some amazing destination where everything is just awesome. At least, during this initial stage, I see the urgency to dissolve layers of societal programming and dogmas that were imposed upon us and have negatively shaped our minds and behavior.

This internal healing work is crucial and will determine how we will be building new family units, communities, and the new societal structures of the future. This is a new paradigm to be crafted by us, and we are just at the beginning. The roadmap with the directions of how to navigate this new paradigm of human dignity is located within ourselves – our internal guidance system.

It’s time for us now to have the courage to activate our internal guidance system and rebuild strong, healthy bodies, free from toxicity to hold the new vibration and frequency.

We have a very sophisticated system within our bodies that for too long has been dumbed down by the lords of the idiocracy. The truth is, we have everything that is required to move us forward into the new paradigm of human dignity.

We are witnessing that some of us will choose to stay on the old paradigm! Family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Respecting everyone’s decision and honoring their choice, we must stay grounded within ourselves with love and compassion toward them.

It’s also important that we look after ourselves and our health during this time as we are going through planetary challenges that will shake our inner foundation. Be ready for that! Staying strong and healthy is a primary requirement.

During this transitional period, use your intuition and wisdom. If you are looking for support during this time, consider qualified professionals that have done their healing work and are “walking the talk”. They have the required experience, emotional intelligence, and wisdom to support you. Use your intuition to discern real professionals from those that are not.

Another important aspect is, if you are a wellness professional, be vigilant toward people that want your attention. Have strong boundaries or “tough love” towards people that are not serious about their inner work. Be wise!

Last but not least, there is a small group of men and women that are steadily navigating this transition period. Armed with wisdom and knowledge, these people are the alchemists, the magicians, and the wizards holding the pulse, the vibration, and frequency of the EARTH to assist humanity during this transitional stage into the new paradigm of human dignity. You may not notice them!….Their spirit is shy, humble, and simple, but they are also powerful!

In conclusion, as we navigate through this time of transition and upheaval, it is essential that we reconnect with our internal guidance system and work towards rebuilding strong, healthy bodies that are free from toxicity. We must respect everyone’s decision to choose their own path, but also stay grounded within ourselves with love and compassion towards them. Taking care of our health is crucial during this time, as planetary challenges may shake our inner foundation. By using our intuition and seeking the support of qualified professionals, we can navigate through this transitional period with wisdom and discernment. As we move towards the new paradigm of human dignity, let us also be mindful of those who are steadily navigating this transition, holding the pulse, vibration, and frequency of the Earth to assist humanity during this transformative stage. With humility, simplicity, and power, we can all contribute to the creation of a brighter future for ourselves and for the planet.

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About The Writer

Susana Hancock is the author of the book The Inner Foundation- How Society impacts Your Inner foundation. She has a global professional experience of over twenty years, working in Europe and Asia in areas of leadership, staff training and personal development. Since 2016 Susana has been delivering professional training and coaching programs to individuals, schools, business and governmental organizations.

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