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What Is Spiritual Health

Luke Hancock
Written By Luke Hancock
February 23, 2016

Have you wondered how your spiritual health influences your mindset, happiness and ultimately your motivation towards finding meaning and purpose in your life? Have you ever considered that your spiritual health has nothing to do with religion but instead a heightened level of awareness and mindfulness about yourself, the world around you and your role in it?

Einstein discovered that everything in the universe is made up of energy, not physical matter but energy. Everything at its core is energy. And everything is interconnected with everything else through an invisible (at least to the human eye) web or field of energy. We humans are also connected to and part of that energetic field and that energetic field is also emitted from our three brains, our head, heart and gut. We are more than simply our physical bodies, there is an energetic body. Our rational mind being non-physical in nature is intrinsically connected to the body by subtle physical energies which also help control our movement and vital functions. But what does that have to do with Spiritual Health?

Let us provide a little context. Did you know at our cellular core, we too are beings made up of energy vibrating at a certain frequency and vibration? For example, our heart, when it beats, generates a large electromagnetic field. The field generated by the heart radiates externally from the body. Our cells are continuously communicating with one another throughout our entire body all the time both at the quantum layer, the layer of energy, and at the physical cellular layer. Information is passed through nerve cells (neurons) in the form of electrical impulses. Between these nerve cells there are gaps known as synapses. Neurotransmitters perform the task of communicating information between these gaps in the form of chemicals that conduct electrical impulses between the gaps of the nerve cells. Neurotransmitters form vast networks of ‘electrical circuits’ throughout our entire bodies.

This energy is often referred to as life force, prana or chi, which runs throughout our body, the part known as the energetic body. We feel it in the form of vitality within ourselves. In the form of tingling sensations between our hands when we place them ten centimeters apart tingling on the top of our head when we meditate or when we immersed in nature. We are then connecting with source energy. We connect through this energetic field with our life force or energetic field, to others and to universal intelligence with our thoughts, intentions, feelings and intuition. And we are constantly receiving waves of information of different frequencies that manifest in plasma, light, sound, solids, liquids, etc. All the time. That is how the brain perceives the world, through frequencies, vibration, energy and quantum frequencies. Plasma, light, sound, solids, liquids all vibrate at different frequencies and the human brain can see, hear, feel some of these frequencies, but not all. There is much we cannot perceive with our five senses brain.

Did you know we are constantly communicating all the time through our thoughts, feelings and emotions 24/7? We all are, all the time! And did you know your thoughts, feelings and emotions are vibrations emitting certain frequencies? Your heart and brain emits a frequency or resonance into the outside world with each thought and feeling you feed. We are like energetic beacons or radio antennas communicating all the time consciously and unconsciously. All the thoughts you have in your head, whether positive or negative, emit a certain charge or frequency.

Have you have wondered how your thoughts feelings and emotions that you carry around with you affects your life and the opportunities or situations that arise in your life? Did you consider that the predominant thoughts and emotions that you choose to maintain can interfere with your life either positively or negatively whether we like it or not? How? Energy. At the quantum layer, the layer of energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions all emit a certain frequency or vibration. It is these same predominant thoughts and emotions that we choose to maintain that impact our present and future life. By deciding what’s important to you, being very clear about where you are spending your time and attention, this focus, this energy provides the charge for what you want having a far higher probability of manifesting in your life.

It is through this quantum layer or field that the journalist Lynne McTaggart so eloquently describes in her book The Field we can become influenced by others’ thoughts and can ourselves influence people, future situations and scenarios by the power of our own thoughts, feelings and intentions”. As we are all interconnected through this energetic field, we can become influenced by others’ thoughts and intentions. Conversely others can influence our thoughts and behaviors. Think of the advertising industry whose entire focus is to influence our thoughts and behavior to spend our precious money, time and attention on what they want, which may not be aligned with what we want. But how do we know what we really want and what is good for us?

Our intuition acts as our internal guidance system. Intuition is our connection with our true authentic self, our higher self or soul. All words describing the same thing, our innermost being, our true authentic self. Not our ego or personality but our soul. An example of your intuition guiding you is when you just know something feels just right in your core and you have to do it and ideally you take action. That is your intuition, your internal guidance system guiding you. However for many intuition can get foggy or feel disconnected, sometimes due to trauma but also due to poor lifestyle choices and addictions.

Spiritual health is not about understanding the energetic nature of existence. Spiritual health is about understanding the importance of the quality of thoughts and emotions you maintain and your connection with your intuition. Spiritual health is about creating a life of meaning and happiness aligned with your higher self and your purpose. A life that contributes not only to your well being but the well being of your community and the environment, the planet. Spiritual health is no longer just about you, it’s about the world and your role in it and importantly your contribution. If you would like to learn how society impacts your spiritual health then you will enjoy reading the inner foundation book.

Luke Hancock Own Your Power

About The Writer

Luke Hancock is the author of the book Own Your Power. Since 2012, Luke is an accredited Transformational Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and since this time has been coaching individuals through their own journeys of personal and professional transformation. Since 2016 he has been delivering professional training and coaching courses to businesses, schools and individuals. Luke is also an environmental sustainability consultant, guiding businesses (employees), schools and communities to reduce their “environmental footprint’ and become more sustainable in their operations.

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