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From Dark to Light

Susana Hancock Coaching Self Empowerment
Written By Susana Hancock
June 11, 2017

Did you ever stop to consider how your beliefs, meaning your worldview, your perceptions, assumptions and opinions are shaped by your childhood upbringing? Did you ever consider that some of your current beliefs have been inherited from your parents and or primary carers? Did you ever wonder whether your thought and behavior patterns are getting in the way of what you actually want from your life and how they impact your Inner Foundation?

Our belief systems, influence our choices, and are the main cause of either supporting or sabotaging us from successfully moving from where we are today to where we want to be in the future. You may be familiar with common limiting beliefs such as “I can’t, I don’t deserve, I’ll never make it, That’s impossible”. 

You believe you know all the rules about why things won’t work. You believe you know all the things that can’t be done or changed. And you measure everything and everyone by your perceptions and beliefs. Often thinking you could fail because deep down your belief systems lead you to believe that you can’t make it, you don’t deserve and you’re not good enough.

Did you know your mindset and attitude are crucial for you to create a strong Inner Foundation and navigate a successful happy life? Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health directly impacts the quality of our life due to how we think and behave whether we choose act upon our intentions. The outside world is a mirror reflection of our internal landscape. What you choose to believe, feel and act upon is either moving you toward or away from your desired future. From dark to light, this the journey to rebuilding your Inner Foundation

Unfortunately, the reality for many people is that it’s unclear what’s really important for them and in which direction they wish to focus their life. They are unaware of the deep impact society has upon our Inner Foundation. Often, they don’t know themselves deeply enough, are not connected with their intuition, their internal guidance system and so doubt their choices and decisions with regards to important life decisions. Instead, they rely upon the opinion’s others for guidance in making important life decisions. However, when we allow others to make important choices for us, we are giving away our personal power. When this happens repeatedly, some may go as far as to lose their identity and authenticity in the process. They start living a life according to someone else’s choices and not their own. Before they realize it, they begin to disconnect from their authenticity and start to wear a mask to fit in with those decisions. The ‘pay off’ in this exchange is being accepted, approved and loved by their peers. 

Perhaps, deep down they feel something is not right. They know they are no longer themselves. In time they can become angry and develop self-loathing. Unfortunately they don’t know where or how to begin this journey from dark to light, how to reconnect with their authentic selves and rebuild their Inner Foundation. In such situations the Inner Foundation becomes fragile. The self-worth and self-dignity, instead of evolving, begins to decline, while self-loathing grows. This is unsustainable over the long term and inevitably leads to a crisis, whether it be with drugs, alcohol, infidelity, debt, unemployment the list is endless.

However there is a light. There is wisdom, a lesson, a message that comes from this chapter in our lives as we have experienced ourselves. This internal crisis is a natural, necessary and urgent wake-up call. It is born out of an internal, intuitive knowing that things must dramatically change if we wish to survive and ideally thrive during these coming years. This internal crisis is an opportunity for us to transmute from dark to light and begin the journey of rebuilding your Inner Foundation. 

This choice, leads to a golden opportunity to rescue your self-worth, your authenticity and rebuild a strong Inner Foundation. To transmute from dark to light, you must focus your efforts upon developing good mental, emotional, physical and spiritual habits. Your daily habits are key important measurable indicators showing you how you look after yourself and your health and what can be improved. 

Everything you do and how you do it, directly impacts your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health – your Inner Foundation. Your sleep patterns, the food you eat every day, how you treat others and how you allow others to treat you, are just some of the key indicators that are framing your current lifestyle. Beyond this, you may begin to focus upon developing your spiritual health and your spiritual muscle.

However, be aware, by shining the light of awareness upon what needs to change, for many this is still not enough. They are unable to focus and persevere. Those unconscious limiting beliefs that were either inherited or shaped in former years, when left unresolved, manifest as self-sabotage and procrastination. The self-loathing remains. 

Those that are serious about changing their lives, usually need structure, support, and guidance from experienced professionals which is related to our work of spiritual counseling and life coaching. The journey from dark to light, the journey to rebuilding your Inner Foundation consists of many small steps along a path, that on the one hand is unique to you in terms of its story elements, but also has many common elements as part of a right of passage towards becoming integrated, sovereign human being. Are you ready to get into the drivers seat of your life? Yes, then we invite you to read The Inner Foundation Book.

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About The Writer

Susana Hancock is the author of the book The Inner Foundation- How Society impacts our Inner foundation. She has a global professional experience of over twenty years, working in Europe and Asia in areas of leadership, staff training and personal development. Since 2016 Susana has been delivering professional training and coaching programs to individuals, schools, business and governmental organizations.

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