How Society Impacts Your Inner Foundation

Written By Susana Hancock An urgent internal crisis within our minds and hearts has been triggered by what we have observed and experienced in the outside world since birth. The humanitarian crisis, social and environmental injustices, and severe inequalities have pushed families and communities further away from each other and from nature. We have learned …

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The Three Brains

Written By Susana Hancock The human body is an intricate and complex organism, and within it lies an even more complex network of neural systems that govern our every thought, emotion, and action. While the brain is often viewed as the primary seat of intelligence and consciousness, recent research has shown that there are actually …

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From Dark to Light

Written By Susana Hancock Did you ever stop to consider how your beliefs, meaning your worldview, your perceptions, assumptions and opinions are shaped by your childhood upbringing? Did you ever consider that some of your current beliefs have been inherited from your parents and or primary carers? Did you ever wonder whether your thought and …

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